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Bruce Lee's Workout

Highlights Of Master Bruce Lee's Body Building Workouts, By Larry & Tippy

Basketball Great Karreem Abdul Jabbar claimed that "Bruce put me on a weight training program during the summer of 1970. It was a three days a week program, comprised mainly of the same stuff he was doing for the major muscle groups . . . [and] it worked".


Bruce Doing A One Finger Pushup!!!!
One Of My Fitness Teachers Couldn't Believe It!


His Abs Are Really Cut!!!!!

Since Bruce believed that the stomach was "the biggest target and the least mobile. The more muscles you have around your abdomen, the more blows it can take," he really focused on ab exercises.
Bruce's daily abdominal workout included:
-Waist twists - four sets of 90 repetitions.
-Sit-up twists - four sets of 20 repetitions.
-Leg raises - four sets of 20 repetitions. 
-Crunches, and many other exercises for the abs.
His wife claimed that Bruce was always doing situps, crunches, Roman chair movements, and leg raises. Chuck Norris (Walker: Texas Ranger) claimed he saw Bruce bouncing Brandon Lee on his abdomen while simultaneously doing dumbbell flyes, and leg raises.
His abs also benefited from cardiovascular conditioning that included runnig, jumping rope and riding a stationary bicycle. He ran every day for about two to six miles. He also ran backward, and did wind sprints (Covert Bailey promotes these!).

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